Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Falling for you.

To start off my first post I was trying to come up with this great inspirational page for fall. Something that had color and images that would just blow your mind away but as I was searching I decided to let the posts over time speak for themselves. I took the pressure off trying to create the most perfect post and decided to just have fun.  After coming across this great online magazine called Cellardoormaqazine I decided to sketch some fun whimsical fall leaves and play with the layout for the first post. The picture below is from this very cool wallpaper studio ClaireColedesigns. I created a border out of my drawn fall leaves to show how the wallpaper inspired me.

My favorite finds from this e magazine was both wall paper artist ClaireColedesigns and this great illustrator Emma Block. You should definitely check out their sites!!!

(Images: Cellardoor Magazine)

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  1. Your drawings are gorgeous!!!! I love you Jess!!!!! This blog is adorably you!